About Me

My work is along two fields: theatrical photography and modern, fashion inspired portraits. My techniques combine intense control of studio lighting with Photoshop based compositing techniques. Whether I’m taking Mary Poppins from a white backdrop in my studio to the sky of London via Photoshop magic or capturing a beautiful “twilight in the bayou” style maternity image in a lush forest, my main goal is to capture a bit of the magic in my subject and reflect it back to the world.

The common denominator in all of my shoots from headshots to high end conceptual work is the people I capture. I love people. Always have. And I love getting to know them through my process. Often, being in front of a camera isn’t the most natural of situations for folks. I get it. Same for me. People become a bit guarded in front of the lens and it’s my job to get the real them to come out and play. I call it the Pinocchio Effect. Almost everyone shows up made out of wood. It’s my job to sprinkle a little fairy dust and let them know it’s ok to become real. In fact, it is required. And that’s the magic. It’s not my lights or my camera. It’s not Photoshop or expensive lenses. These are not the things of great photographs. As Eisenstaedt said, “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” I could not agree more. 

My Process 

Portraits: We begin with a question, “How would you like to be photographed?” This leads us down the path of planning your shoot. Do you want to look like you stepped out of the pages of Vanity Fair? Do you want a casual family shoot in a beautiful outdoor environment or a high concept shoot where I take your family to a different world? Do you need an actor or corporate headshot? Once I learn a bit about your goals, I’m off to the races! I create inspiration boards, call in hair and makeup, if appropriate, and choose locations. We can go as simple or as elaborate as your imagination wishes to take you!

Theatrical Work: It all begins with the script. The story leads the shoot and I generate concepts that reflect the most visually captivating or controversial pieces of the show. Along with my concepts I submit costume, cast and prop needs. Shoots can be as complex or as elaborate as the budget allows. I always have two goals in mind when working in the theatrical genre: create magical images that will both honor the essence of the material and bring people to the seats. My theatrical work has been featured in American Theatre Magazine, SETC Magazine and Atlanta ShowGuide.